Fascia Signs

Fascia Signs are the main type of sign for businesses in the UAE. They are elegant to look at and are easily adaptable to illumination, vinyl lettering, digital prints, flat cut letters, built up letters and illuminated built up letters including halo illumination.

Here at NeonSigns Advertising LLC we cater for all of these types of fascia sign and are happy to make up any special requirements you may have. We love a challenge!

Fret Cut Panels

Fret Cut panels are designed to allow illumination of either lettering, logos or both through the face of a folded aluminium panel. The panel is routed out on one of our two AXYZ CNC routers and then pre-treated before being powder coated in our paint department. The sign is then put together in our assembly department depending on what option you have gone for; backer panel, inlaid or push-through lettering/logo.

Push Through

Push through lettering allows for edge only illumination or edge and face illumination together. This is achieved by mounting either clear or opal acrylic onto acrylic carriers that sit proud of the aluminium panel face of the sign.

Halo Illumination

This type of Halo Illumination is different to the halo illumination produced by built up letters.
The face of the letter is covered in either an opaque vinyl, acrylic or flat cut metal that prevents any face illumination through the letter or logo.
This forces all of the illumination, generated by either fluorescent or LED illumination, through the edges of the push through acrylic which is either in clear or opal. It produces an effective, attractive halo effect which gives an overall ‘glow’ effect to the fascia sign and the lettering or logo then appears ‘black’ or ‘dark’ against the bright light.
Signcases are available as either traditional aluminium light boxes using our sign comp system or as folded aluminium panels that are fret cut to allow face illumination. This latter option provides a huge variety of creative options for backing fret cut panels with acrylic backers, in-laid acrylic lettering to create a flush exterior face or pushed-through or raised lettering to allow edge and/or face illumination similar to halo effect.